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The New Super Stackana Game

... and all of a sudden the idea of falling character blocks is now a thing of the past, and the new game play has changed so much that the word "Freefall" does not make sense anymore...

Super Stackana Preview Screen

Stackana Freefall Announced

Development of Stackana Freefall did not turn out to be an easy one it seems. Having to set aside a fraction of an hour after our day jobs, coupled with occasional distractions our progress has been slow. The good news? It did not stop, and we have made good progress.

Stackana Freefall Preview (Start Screen)

So we figured it may be a good idea to...

Japanese Language Portal Launched

It is with pleasure that I announce the launch of Xleeque Japanese Portal on Facebook. Given the scale and social nature of Facebook, integrating Xleeque.com into Facebook platform means possibilities waiting to be explored. However, this integration did not come cheap – a lot of efforts had gone into making things work across boundaries...

Database Migrated to SQL Azure

Xleeque.com is now more data-driven than any point in the past; a lot of efforts have gone into...

Games on Xleeque.com

Stackana Game

Japanese Forums

Our Japanese Forums are currently being built and tested. It will be made public as soon as all the basic features are in-place. Please check back at a later time! :)